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It is baffling that companies still undervalue their data. CloudTech1 values our partners data as if it were our own, like a priceless jewel.

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Data Storage

What are your options?

Local - Easiest to control and access but most susceptible to disaster.

Cloud - Cost-effective, most mobile, secure, and flexible.

Off-Site - Storing digitally or physically elsewhere. Owner may not have instant access.

Do you have enough storage? Is your data storage strategy efficient?

Digital data, including videos, photos and text collected by devices is expected to hit 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. The world is producing more data than it can hold.

Data Backup

What data should be backed up and how frequently?

A backup process is applied to critical databases or related line-of-business applications. Backup policies specify how frequently the data is backed up and how many duplicate copies are required, as well as how fast data is restored. CloudTechOne offers options that best suit our partner’s needs.

Cloud Storage

Off-site backup transmits data copies to a remote location, which can include a company’s secondary data center or leased co-location facility. What backup makes sense for you?

• Public cloud storage:
Data stored for a monthly flat fee.

• Private cloud storage:
Within company firewalls.

• Hybrid cloud storage:
A strategic combination of both local and off-site.


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