Cloud Computing is here to stay.

Migrating to the cloud can offer a significant amount of time and money saved. CloudTechOne, a Master Cloud Provider, is a company that offers expertise in cloud computing and implementation of cloud services. If your business hasn’t migrated to the cloud yet, CloudTech1 can ease the transition with our friendly and knowledgeable cloud experts. Call today!

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Check out the MANY benefits of utilizing Cloud Services from CloudTech1!

Private? Public? Hybrid? If you are unsure which Cloud Strategy CloudTechOne can give you the peace of mind to make the right choices. Talk to our knowledgeable and friendly staff now, to find how we can help you find cloud-based solutions in a quagmire of options.  Let's get started!

Pay as you go Storage. The scalable services are convenient, predictable and easy to add or subtract based on the needs of your company.

Flexibility. Cloud Computing allows for rapid expansion and contraction of your business with scalability.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. There are many disasters that we simply cannot avoid. How you bounce back is based on your Disaster Recovery Plan. CloudTechOne can limit or eliminate any downtime based on the strategy we help you choose.

Work from Anywhere. Cloud Computing is perfect for sales reps on the road or anyone that can work from home. The Cloud is also terrific for those that use their personal device for work.

Collaborate. Communicating with your team and partners has never been easier. CloudTechOne knows the applications that Cloud Computing has to offer and will help get you up and running smoothly.

Security. The biggest challenge for any organization is security. Not for CloudTechOne. We have the tools and the talent to securely deploy all of our solutions.

Green. The Cloud is environmentally conscious.

Industry Competitiveness.Each industry is different. What is good for one industry may not be important for the next. CloudTechOne will be sure to speak to your unique challenges.

Industrial Internet of Things. Southeast Michigan is positioned to be the leader in IIoT. CloudTechOne is superbly positioned to assist with IIoT.

Try Before You Buy. CloudTechOne and our providers can help you test drive the services before investing time and money. The solution has to work for our partners, otherwise we will not implement the service.


We'd love to hear from you! Whether you have questions about what we do or how we can help your business's bottom line, we are here to help.

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