Cyber Security

We can never become complacent in the security of our network. Constantly monitoring, updating and adjusting to our vulnerabilities is a must when it comes to protecting data.

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Any computer or endpoint touching the network is considered a TARGET.

If the network is compromised the costs could be catastrophic for an organization.  Network breaches can be extremely costly.

Here are just a few common threats:

External Threats

• Ransomware

• Brute Force

• Adware

• Trojan

• DoS and DDoS

• Spoofing and Bogons

• Keystroke monitoring

• Spyware

• Like-jacking

• Link-jacking

• Phishing

• Hackers

Internal Threats

• Malicious insiders

• Exploited or “tricked” insiders

• Careless insiders

• Fired Employees

Not so fun fact:

59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired.


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